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Gifts of Nature, Inc.was established in 1995 by its founder and company President, John Brown. Our home office is located in Escondido, California. We maintain two permanent showrooms, one in Downtown Los Angeles at the LA Mart and one at the International Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We believe the hardest thing to do in business is to find good people. The only thing we think is harder is to find good sales people. Our mission is to represent the vendors we serve with professionalism and pride. Our operating principle is to “Do the Right Thing.” Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it.

We are looking for persons who are like-minded and of a similar principle base to work with us. We want to give our customers and vendors the best reps in the marketplace.

Our two beautifully-appointed showrooms provide our reps with a venue to introduce our very loyal customers to new products and vendors. The showrooms are great training arenas for road reps. The information we acquire from the showrooms is taken on the road to present to our customers. We would prefer to hear from experienced reps, especially with existing relationships with customers in the territory of interest.

Would you like to be considered to represent a territory?
If so, please contact Grace Demniaiuk at Grace@giftsofnature.sdcoxmail.com or call 1-800-733-7783.

Thank you for your interest in Gifts of Nature.