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Gifts of Nature, Inc. was established in 1995 by its founder and company President, John Brown. Our home office is located in Escondido, CA. We maintain two permanent showrooms: one in Downtown Los Angeles at the LA Mart—and one at the International Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our showroom in LA has a full-time showroom manager, and is open to the retail market 5 days per week. Las Vegas is open by appointment—or during their Summer and Winter Market Weeks.

In an effort to create excitement and enthusiasm within our account base, we are regularly introducing the hottest, sharpest-priced, and best quality sustainable goods to the marketplace. Our Showrooms create an opportunity to access the Retail customer on their terms, by setting up product so they can touch it, smell it and feel it. This provides great training ground for the road rep as well.

The image and designs exhibited in our showrooms tend to motivate and inspire our customers to try the lines and products in their stores. We maintain an extensive, and extremely loyal account base. Thank you for your interest in Gifts of Nature. If you would like us to consider your line as part of our offering, please contact Grace Demnianiuk at grace@giftsofnature.sdcoxmail.com or you can call her at 800-733-7783.

Vendor Comments

“I have been working with Gifts of Nature now for over 10 years. I find they are a great rep group to work with. Low maintenance, they service their accounts, and are responsive. They bring in new business all the time and pay close attention to what sells.”
Marty Tunis
Benjamin International
Middlebury, CT

“John and the team at Gifts of Nature have been a real delight to work with. Over the years we have enjoyed their enthusiasm and desire to expand our customer base. Having worked with several sales teams in over 54 years of business, we can surely appreciate the team effort and their experience with our type of products.”
Anil Lal
India Arts, Inc.
San Francisco, CA