Say Hello to the Gifts of Nature Online Store

The Wait is Finally Over!

We would like to introduce you to the brand-new Gifts of Nature online store. Visit and click Shop to explore thousands of fabulous items from some of our most popular vendors – including Benjamin International, SoulKu, Raku Potteryworks, and more!

A Message to Our Customers

In a video message to customers, Gifts of Nature CEO and President John Brown unveiled the new website and offered his sincere wishes for health and well-being during the trying COVID-19 pandemic.

We don’t expect you to place a lot of orders right now; we know that the economy is pretty much shut down. But there are talks of things opening up and we’d like you to be able to prepare as we are preparing for the inevitability of things going back to some sort of normal. I love that you’ll really be able to see now what Gifts of Nature really is.

Customers are able to search, filter, and browse in any way they like and even have the ability to set future ship dates, allowing them to order ahead of time and prepare for the future of their stores and shops.

With the fate of the summer trade shows still uncertain, John Brown reassured customers that Gifts of Nature and it’s new online store were ready for anything. “It doesn’t look like trade shows are going to happen. If they do, we’re prepared; we’re going forward as if they’re going to happen, but I don’t think they will,” Brown stated, confidently. “If they don’t, [Gifts of Nature is] going to have a virtual tradeshow … to tell you about our new lines, our new products, and our specials. We are going to have giveaways and raffles and all kinds of stuff to make it fun. What normally we can do in person, we will have to do remotely.

John Brown closed his video with a reminder to register for the new website and to take advantage of the opening month specials through May 31st. “I hope to see you as soon as I can at the trade shows, at the showrooms, or in your stores.”

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