The story of Gifts of Nature starts in 1995 with its founding by company president John Brown.

Our philosophy is to always “Do the Right Thing” and to “Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it!”

Located in sunny Escondido, California, Gifts of Nature is dedicated to supporting their sales representatives and to keeping them in front of our valued customers and clients.

The Gifts of Nature mission is to represent the vendors we serve with unmatched professionalism, integrity, and pride. 

In addition to creating a matchless “Boots on the Ground” organization, Gifts of Nature also maintains two permanent showrooms – one in The LA Mart at The Reef in Los Angeles, California, and the other in The World Market Center of Las Vegas, Nevada. These two beautiful showrooms provide our sales reps with fabulous training resources, as well as the opportunity to introduce customers to new products from the unique vendors Gifts of Nature is known for.

At Gifts of Nature we have strived to create an ideal environment to assist sales reps with learning, growing, and loving what they sell and who they sell it to.

This is what we have to offer at Gifts of Nature.

Operating Principles

Do the right thing

Do what you say you are
going to do, when you say you
are going to do it